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[12 Sep 2005|01:57pm]

Actors/Singers/Dancers Wanted


Runaway Stage Productions is looking for the following actors for their
upcoming production:

The Blake Edwards Musical Comedy
Victor Victoria!
Performances: October 21- November 13, 2005
Fridays, Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.

Directed by Bob Baxter
Vocal Direction: Ray Fisher
Musical Direction: Joe Velez
Choreography: Ron Cisneros

The following parts are available:

Andre Cassell – Agent/Producer and night club owner (mature non-singing role.
However if singer is cast additional singing parts are available).

Richard Di Nardo – Toddy’s former roommate (also can be a part of the Ensemble)

Male Dancing/Singing Ensemble – various featured roles will be cast from the

Female Dancing/Singing Ensemble – various featured roles will be cast from the

Auditions will be scheduled. If interested please contact:

A woman....pretending to be a man.....pretending to be a woman?! It's Gay
Paree in the 1930s, and the comedy is outrageous in Victor/Victoria! The hit
movie starring Julie Andrews is now a Broadway musical featuring many of your
favorite songs, including Le Jazz Hot!


Carroll Todd ("Toddy" to his friends) is tenuously employed as the resident
performer at Henri Labisse's Left Bank gay club, Chez Lui. A penniless English
soprano, Victoria Grant, auditions unsuccessfully for Labisse. Toddy tries to
help, but Labisse rejects her and fires him. Toddy befriends Victoria, and they
become instant buddies and confidantes.

Toddy's ex-boyfriend, arrives at Toddy's unexpectedly to collect his things. He
mistakenly thinks Victoria is Toddy's new boyfriend, but she kicks him out.
Toddy is impressed. Richard actually thought Victoria was a man! And at that
moment The Inspired Idea strikes Toddy right between the eyes. Victoria could
indeed be a man - Europe's greatest female impersonator! Toddy dreams up Count
Victor Grazinsky - a gay Polish aristocrat. "Says Victoria, "They'll never
accept a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman! - "They'll
know he's a phony!" "Exactly," says Toddy. "They'll know he's a phony!"

Le Jazz Hot! introduces Victor to Paris café society. His show-stopping
performance at once makes him the toast of Gay Paree. The only doubter of
Victor's authenticity is a dashing American business-man - cum gangster figure,
King Marchan, visiting Paris with his brassy girlfriend Norma and his loyal
bodyguard Squash. King is convinced Victor is a woman, and determined to prove
it. King is thwarted, and starts to doubt himself. He finds Victor attractive
as a woman...but what if he's a man?

By an unwelcome coincidence, King and Norma and Squash find themselves in
the adjoining hotel suite to the newly successful Toddy and Victor. Victoria
bemoans to Toddy that in King she thinks she has finally found the man of her
dreams, but here she is trying to convince him that she is a man, too!

Victor continues to take Paris audiences by storm. Norma complains to
Victor and Toddy that King is shipping her back to Chicago because he fancies
Victor - a man!

King confronts his doubts about himself and Victor. Is it possible that
he, King, is falling for a man? He invites Victor and Toddy to dinner to try
and find out. King and Victor flee from a major brawl in the club. King says
he doesn't care if Victor is a man, and kisses him. Victoria admits she's not a
man. King says he still doesn't care, and kisses her again

Back in the hotel, Squash barges into King's bedroom and finds King and
Victor in bed together. Squash admires King for coming out of the closet, and
stuns his boss by revealing that he, too, is gay!

Victor and King examine their potential problems if they are perceived
publicly as two men. It won't work.

Back in Chicago, Norma is performing in a night club. She informs King's
gangster partner, Sal Andretti, that King has dumped her for another man - and
is living with "a gay Polish fairy." Sal is aghast, and says they're all going
to Europe.

Two weeks later, Toddy and Squash have become happy partners. Not so for
King and Victoria, unable to be seen together in public.. Victoria tells Toddy
she doesn't want to be a man anymore. Toddy understands. Neither does he.

Sal and the spurned Norma arrive in Paris. King admits he loves "Victor,"
keeping the secret. Sal, disgusted, ends their business relationship. Victoria
reveals herself to Norma as a woman. At Victor's farewell appearance, Labisse
tries to expose him/her as a fraud. Toddy, thrilled to be back in drag,
replaces Victoria in a blink, to thwart Labisse and leave the way clear for a
happy ending for our two loving couples -King and Victoria, and Toddy and

Bob Baxter
Producing Director
(916) 206-2466

If you have any questions regarding these auditions, please browse our web page at www.runawaystage.com, "auditions" page and read the Audtition Criteria section. If you still have questions regarding auditions, please feel free to e-mail us at Bbaxter@runawaystage.com or call up at (916) 207-1226. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you in person.
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Shows!!! [10 Aug 2005|11:41am]


What's coming up!Collapse )

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Current Shows [05 Jul 2005|03:48pm]


The Music Man


Fridays and Saturday's at 8pm

Sundays at 2pm



The Little Mermaid: The Search for Friends

Saturdays at 12 noon and 2 pm


Now through July 24th!!!

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[27 May 2005|10:59am]

Closing weekend of Pirates and Cinderella!!!

Come and support your fellow actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[19 May 2005|02:50pm]


Come see Pirates of Penzance and Cinderella!!!


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[19 May 2005|11:36am]

Check out the info page!!!!
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[18 May 2005|04:44pm]

Okay guys...
I'm gonna need help with the userinfo and interests for this community. Help!??????!?!?!?!?
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